DSE Workstation Risk Assessments

Our individual in-house workstation risk assessments comply with the Health and Safety (DSE) Regulations 1992. The package uniquely combines analysis of the workstation with the user’s posture and body use.

Our highly trained team offer on-site training for staff to prevent and alleviate work-related pain such as RSI and low back pain.

The assessments cover the following:

  • Comprehensive evaluation of the workstation
  • Evaluation of work activities
  • Evaluation of posture and body use
  • Workstation modifications and recommendations
  • Advice on ergonomic equipment and gadgets
  • Work activity recommendations
  • Posture training
  • An on-site check list report
  • A fully comprehensive written report with photographs (optional)

Importantly, we are not linked with any specific supplier and give genuine impartial advice. Our recommendations are based entirely on what is appropriate for your needs and your budget.

Group Training Seminar: How to customise your desk and sit comfortably at it

This hour-long seminar is designed to equip office staff with a practical and accessible guide to setting up a customised and ergonomic workstation as well as establishing comfortable working posture. The seminar includes practical demonstrations.

Outline Programme:

  • How to set up the optimum workstation – practical information to enable participants to set up a workstation that is suited to their personal needs and comply with Health and Safety regulations
  • How to set up an ‘ergonomic’ office chair – learn how to modify the chair for maximum comfort and support
  • Workstation accessories – a review of the ‘gadgets’ and ergonomic hardware
  • The role of the body and posture training – the importance of good body use in determining comfort at the desk. Essential information to promote day long comfort and peak performance and reduce neck ache, back ache, eye strain and RSI
  • Opportunity for questions throughout

Administrator at Severn Vale Housing

“The Seminar was really useful. It got me to think about my posture as well as how I set up my desk. Afterwards I moved my phone, adjusted my chair and brought my screen closer. I hadn’t realised that small changes could make such a difference.”

Nuclear Technologies

“All members of our staff felt that they had benefitted from the Assessments and Training. The trainer was obviously confident in the service provided which was well communicated and with a sympathetic approach.”

CIPD employee

“The trainer from Optimum was one of the most inspirational I have heard; well-informed, professional and extremely clear.”

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Optimum Performance Training Ltd was set up in 1991 to help employers meet the DSE Health and Safety Regulations. Managing Director Rachel Stevens will discuss your requirements and create a bespoke training package for you. Uniquely we offer a full workstation assessment along with posture and body awareness training to ensure optimum comfort for each client.




DSE Workstation Assessment with checklist report: £ 60.00 per client

DSE Workstation Assessment with checklist report for clients with musculo-skeletal issues: £ 135.00 per person

Detailed written report with photographs £ 85.00

On-site group training seminar: £ 145.00  for groups of up to 10 participants

Expenses added depending on location